Thomas Wojnar
Welcome! My name is Thomas Wojnar. This is my little slice of the internet. There isn't anything particularly exciting here; this is more of just a general page about me. This site is part of my exploration in self-hosting. I had been working on Dockerizing and hosting some projects, so I figurred I might as well setup a page on my domain about myself. This site is specifically built with Flask and Bootstrap-Flask.

About Me


I've worn many hats in my career so far. I've gone from a Full Stack Engineer, to Database Migration Specialist, to DBA, to Data Platforms Engineer, to now my current position as a Senior Data Engineer. These days, ususally my workload involves Python, Terraform (specifically around AWS), SQL (especially Snowflake and PostgreSQL), and on some days, Ruby. That said, over time I've interacted with various languages/tech stacks to different levels of expertises (though admittedly with how fast technology evolves, what I knew when it was my day to day more than likely is irrelevant these days).


Outside of work, I enjoy programming projects, typically around new ideas (this effort towards self-hosting is one of those projects). Otherwise for indoor activities, PC gaming and reading. Outdoors, typically doubling up with hiking and photography (having a place to host my photos was the initial driving factor for this self-hosting project). I love to travel, especially when there's opportunities to see new sights and try new food.